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Re: [RFU 64bit] gmp / mpfr / mpc / ppl / isl / cloog-ppl / cloog

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) writes:
> I'm sorry, but this looks like a step backwards.

Not to me obviously, after the third error I made because each one of
these was packaged and named differently it felt like a step forward
when I finally corrected it.  That's why I've been asking for naming
rules earlier, but none have been forthcoming.

> We just fixed things up for i686 and now you change everything for
> x86_64?  How do any of these changes possibly make maintenance easier?

  source package
  user commands, man1 and package README
  documentation not included above
  development files
  runtime libraries, each in their own package

About the lib*-devel packages: I think this name is confusing, because
there are packages with multiple lib* packages to facilitate separate
installation of each and the *-devel package generally is for all of
them and can't be split easily in some instances, so it should follow
the main package name (same line of reasoning for lib*-doc vs pkg-doc).
Also, I'd generally want to keep lib* packages to only install dependent
libraries and nothing else, which means this namespace shouldn't be used
for the general package name.

If you think any of this is in error or should be done differently, let
me know and I'll repackage.  But please chose _one_ rule that works for
all and is somewhat memorable and not each package with a different
unexplicable one for "hysterical raisins" (kudos to Chong Yidong for
that play on historical reasons).

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