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Re: [Attn Maintainer] git git-svn

Adam Dinwoodie writes:
>> I think git-svn should and used to depend on subversion-perl, but
>> this seems to have gone missing, somehow.
> How very odd! That was one of the automatically generated
> dependencies, so presumably the dependency generation has just gone a
> bit sideways, probably because of the Perl version change.

I don't think so, that package hasn't been renamed or anything like
that.  As long as the installed.db and the *.lst.gz files are OK, it
should find these.  Here's what I get from "cygport git pkg":

>>> git requires: bash libcurl4 libexpat1 libgcc1 libiconv2 libintl8 libopenssl100 libpcre1 perl perl-Error perl-TermReadKey perl_base python zlib0 cygutils less openssh rsync
>>> gitk requires: bash tcl-tk git font-adobe-dpi75
>>> gitweb requires: bash perl-Plack perl_base ruby git lighttpd
>>> git-completion requires:  bash bash-completion git
>>> git-cvs requires: git perl perl-DBI perl_base cvsps perl-DBD-SQLite
>>> git-email requires: git perl perl-Error perl-IO-Socket-SSL perl_base 
>>> git-gui requires: bash tcl-tk git gitk
>>> git-svn requires: git perl perl-YAML perl_base subversion-perl 

> I'm expecting to be away for most of the weekend, so I'll try and
> rebuild early next week; hopefully once all the other Perl-related
> packages have stabilised, it'll pick up the dependency automatically
> again, but if not, I'll just add it manually.
> (In theory I could go digging into how Cygport works out such
> dependencies, but it's all black magic to me so I'm just going to take
> the lazy option for now.)

Basically it looks for executable and scripts and determines which
packages these belong to by looking at the package list files.  For Perl
scripts in particular it then tries to find out which modules are used
and then which package these belong to.

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