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Re: Adding a subpackage

Adam Dinwoodie writes:
> I've discovered a neat Git tool -- git subtree -- which is part of Git's
> "contrib" directory and isn't something we currently distribute as part
> of any of the existing Git-related packages.

openSUSE ships this in git-core since some time.  AFAIK the only reason
it is still in contrib is the fact that it can't work on Windows.

> I'd like to start adding this to the stack of Git packages I build and
> distribute.  I don't think the build stage is going to be difficult, but
> what (if anything) do I need to do to get git-subtree as a package
> that's in setup.ini?  Is it just a case of uploading the new package and
> setup.hint, or do I need to do some additional magic?

If it's a sub-package (i.e. the source package is "git"), then you just
package it up the usual way.  If you'd want it standalone (not advisable
in this case) you would need to ITP it so it gets added to the list of
packages you maintain.  BTW, git-merge-changelog (from GNUlib) would be
a candidate for this treatment and is currently lacking from Cygwin.

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