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Re: [Attn Maintainer] git git-svn

Adam Dinwoodie writes:
> I'm going to continue to be cautious: while I think the risk of bumping
> up to v2.5.0 is very low, if there are problems with that or any of the
> other numerous recent changes (this has been the first time a release
> has got above the -1 version since I took over maintainership), I want
> to keep the changes reasonably slow to help narrow down where the
> problem comes from.

No problem.  I just had to run the build box overnight anyway and
figured it would get through a Git build until I looked at it in the

> Done.  I switched from something similar when I took over the
> maintainership, as using "inherit git" seemed like The Right Thing To Do
> when I was first playing around with Cygport.  As you say, though, it's
> just adding overhead with no advantage.  (Indeed if I want to play
> around with the Git repository itself, I already have a copy of that
> ready to go.)

I have a few packages that use Git repositories, but I always clone them
from local repos.  That won't work for official packages obviously, but
if cygport gets smarter and caches the repos someplace else (like
already possible with package archives) it might be more useful to work
from a Git repo.  Especially if cygport was getting smart enough to get
a tarball instead of cloning if it isn't set up to cache the repo.

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