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Re: Adding a subpackage

Adam Dinwoodie writes:
> (I'm assuming its dependencies are a subset of those for the main Git
> package; if it doesn't that'd be a very strong argument for keeping
> them separate.)

AFAIK it's just a script, so I'd be surprised if it pulls in any new
dependencies.  It doesn't hurt to check of course.

>> BTW, git-merge-changelog (from GNUlib) would be
>> a candidate for this treatment and is currently lacking from Cygwin.
> Not something I've heard of until now, but it seems sensible. Are you
> planning on ITPing this yourself, or would you like me to look at
> maintaining it? I'm happy with either, provided building it on Cygwin
> is reasonably trivial; it's not a tool I use so I can't say I'm
> particularly invested in spending time on it.

It's a merge driver/filter script, so the build consists simply of
packing it up.  Since it's going to be a separate package anyway, you
wouldn't need to take it.

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