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Re: perl-Win32-GUI package doesn't appear in latest cygwin.

Javier Martin writes:
>   First of all thanks a lot for your answers. After reading this I
> have a couple of questions:
> - Is this going to be fixed and this package will be included again in
> the near future ?

The package is orphaned.  Since you are here on this list, I think I
should remind you of this rule:

Do not subscribe if you are not interested in being a package maintainer.

Most of the Win32 family of modules don't compile or produce hard errors
on testing.  If you want to see them back in Cygwin, the very least you
can do is trying to fix some of those bugs and get those fixes upstream.

> - Is is possible to install previous versions where this package was
> included ?, how can I get this ?

At the moment it is still possible, but you'd have to downgrade
literally hundresds of packages.  There's the "Cygwin Time Machine", but
I don't know any details.  I recommend that you spend your time on
fixing win32::GUI instead.

> What is your suggestion about
> applications that depend on particular cygwin versions/packages ?

Nothing in Cygwin depends on that package.

> This is important because changes/problems like these ones can make
> applications fail at a moment in time.

If your application depends on specific things in Cygwin, you'll need to
devise a deployment strategy and integration tests that fits your

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