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Re: upset, genini: different version ordering

On 18/08/2015 19:34, Achim Gratz wrote:
I've just found that upset and genini will order versions differently.

Here's a patch for genini that will take care of the versions in a
better way than before, and it's extensible (in genini) and configurable
(from setup.hint) if you're into that kind of thing.  It's also largely
compatible to how upset treats things, to the extent that I understand
what upset is doing.  The code in genini should be able to be integrated
into upset to have both tools share their world-view, since I fixed some
things that bothered me about upset along the way (treatment of
pre-releases, mostly).  It'll need a bit more polishing, but keep the
comments coming.

The idea that we need different way of sorting version strings for different packages seems really strange.

Does any other distro have something like this? How do linux distros handle the special version number sorting requirements that perl apparently has?

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