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2015-07-29 [newlib-cygwin] Cygwin: Fix x86_64 memcpy/memset for n > 2GB Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-29 [newlib-cygwin] cygwin: Fix copyright dates Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-29 [newlib-cygwin] cygwin: Fix crashes under AllocationPreference=0x100000 condition Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-23 [newlib-cygwin] Improve cygwin 2.2.0 release text Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-23 [newlib-cygwin] Fix potential buffer overflow in makecontext trampoline Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-23 [newlib-cygwin] Ignore non-absolute $HOME when started from native process Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-21 [newlib-cygwin] Cygwin: Implement siglongjmp and sigsetjmp functions. Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-20 [newlib-cygwin] Add previous ldd fix to release file Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-20 [newlib-cygwin] Fix potential hang in ldd if DLL encounters missing entry point Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-20 [newlib-cygwin] Lower Cygwin's MINSIGSTKSZ and SIGSTKSZ Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-20 [newlib-cygwin] Reduce stack pressure throughout Cygwin Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-18 [newlib-cygwin] Remove x86_64 __sjfault/__ljfault Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-18 [newlib-cygwin] Rearrange makecontext and add lots of comments Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-17 [newlib-cygwin] Fix ucontext creation in call_signal handler Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-17 [newlib-cygwin] Comment fixup Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-17 [newlib-cygwin] Reuse __unwind_single_frame where appropriate Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-17 [newlib-cygwin] Implement getcontext, setcontext, makecontext, swapcontext Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-17 [newlib-cygwin] Document the fact that we forgot to bump for sigaltstack and sethostname Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-14 [newlib-cygwin] Created tag cygwin-2_1_0-release Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-13 [newlib-cygwin] Reenable code only disabled for debug purposes Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-08 [newlib-cygwin] tzset: Check timezone and country case-insensitive Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-07 [newlib-cygwin] Add accidentally missing ChangeLog entry for previous patch Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-07 [newlib-cygwin] x86_64: Handle myfault exceptions when running on alternate signal stack Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-07 [newlib-cygwin] Simplify stack allocation code in child after fork Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-07 [newlib-cygwin] Simplify fork code setting up child stack info Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-06 [newlib-cygwin] Created tag newlib-snapshot-20150526 Jeff Johnston
2015-07-06 [newlib-cygwin] Created tag newlib-snapshot-20150623 Jeff Johnston
2015-07-06 [newlib-cygwin] winsup/cygwin: rework basename redefinition handling in Yaakov Selkowitz
2015-07-05 [newlib-cygwin] winsup/doc: Add a configure test to find docbook2xtexi Jon TURNEY
2015-07-05 [newlib-cygwin] Align hard stack allocation to pthread stack setup changes Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-05 [newlib-cygwin] Implement correct RLIMIT_STACK handling Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-05 [newlib-cygwin] Disable fetching heap info on 64 bit XP/2003 Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-05 [newlib-cygwin] Add missing wincap changes to previous ChangeLog entry Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-04 [newlib-cygwin] Fix original stack when running signal handler on alternate stack Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-01 [newlib-cygwin] Document previous change Corinna Vinschen
2015-07-01 [newlib-cygwin] Fix fork after recovered stack overflow Corinna Vinschen
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