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[newlib-cygwin] Add -i/--input option to locale(1)

[newlib-cygwin] Add missing LF in release text

[newlib-cygwin] Add pthread_getname_np and pthread_setname_np

[newlib-cygwin] Add release message for commit 3d3ab82

[newlib-cygwin] Add release message for commit 71df3bf

[newlib-cygwin] Add release message for commit 82e0649

[newlib-cygwin] Add release message for commit 8cff156

[newlib-cygwin] Add release message for commit a871644

[newlib-cygwin] Add release message for commit c02ac89

[newlib-cygwin] Add release message for commit eb61113

[newlib-cygwin] Add release message for commit fe9e3b4

[newlib-cygwin] Add release text for Cygwin 2.6.0

[newlib-cygwin] Add sys/_locale.h header and fix up headers

[newlib-cygwin] Avoid truncating from long double to double in sinhl().

[newlib-cygwin] Bump CygwinAPI minor.

[newlib-cygwin] Change "nodomain+nobody" to "no+body"

[newlib-cygwin] Change loadlocale to fill a __locale_t given as parameter

[newlib-cygwin] Clarify Cygwin's support for Win32 paths

[newlib-cygwin] Consolidate wctomb/mbtowc calls for POSIX-1.2008

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag cygwin-2_6_0-release

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag newlib-snapshot-20160923

[newlib-cygwin] dlopen (pathfinder): try each basename per dir

[newlib-cygwin] dlopen: on x/lib search x/bin if exe is in x/bin

[newlib-cygwin] dlopen: switch to new pathfinder class

[newlib-cygwin] Document nl_langinfo_l and separate POSIX from GNU extensions in release message

[newlib-cygwin] Don't raise SIGTTIN from poll/select

[newlib-cygwin] Drop global __ctype_ptr__ entirely in favor of using locale_t::ctype_ptr

[newlib-cygwin] Export and document strerror_l, strptime_l, wcsftime_l from Cygwin

[newlib-cygwin] Fix 32-bit SSIZE_MAX

[newlib-cygwin] Fix __getreent function for Cygwin

[newlib-cygwin] Fix buffer scrolling when performing a "clear screen"

[newlib-cygwin] Fix clear screen behaviour of console when user scrolled up or down

[newlib-cygwin] Fix console clear screen if buffer is full

[newlib-cygwin] Fix console clear screen in case of partial scrolling

[newlib-cygwin] Fix formatting

[newlib-cygwin] Fix memory handling in functions called from loadlocale

[newlib-cygwin] Fix outdated S_JUSTCREATED comment

[newlib-cygwin] Fix passwd getting error 1265 when running on newer Windows

[newlib-cygwin] Fix SetThreadName with current gdb

[newlib-cygwin] Fix typo

[newlib-cygwin] Fix typo in release message

[newlib-cygwin] Handle WinFSP nobody account

[newlib-cygwin] Implement all per-locale ctype functions

[newlib-cygwin] Implement GNU extension strptime_l

[newlib-cygwin] Implement GNU extension wcsftime_l

[newlib-cygwin] Implement missing POSIX function nl_langinfo_l

[newlib-cygwin] Implement missing POSIX-1.2008 function strerror_l

[newlib-cygwin] Implement newlocale, freelocale, duplocale, uselocale

[newlib-cygwin] Implement per-locale string functions

[newlib-cygwin] Implement strfmon_l

[newlib-cygwin] Implement strto[dflu]_l/wcsto[dflu]_l

[newlib-cygwin] Improve description of Cygwin ldd utility

[newlib-cygwin] Include winsup.h prior to including other headers

[newlib-cygwin] Introduce __current_locale_charset/__locale_charset

[newlib-cygwin] kill(pid, sig) before waitpid() returns -1 for sig != 0

[newlib-cygwin] ldd: Handle executable relocation when setting breakpoint

[newlib-cygwin] ldd: terminate process on hitting breakpoint

[newlib-cygwin] machine/_types.h: __blkcnt_t should be signed

[newlib-cygwin] Make sure alloca is called even when optimizing, fully init _REENT

[newlib-cygwin] Make sure to use the Winsock definition of FIONREAD in ioctlsocket call

[newlib-cygwin] Only define __getreent inline function when building newlib or Cygwin

[newlib-cygwin] Open process with PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION to fetch maps

[newlib-cygwin] POSIX-1.2008 per-thread locales, groundwork part 1

[newlib-cygwin] POSIX-1.2008 per-thread locales, groundwork part 2

[newlib-cygwin] posix.xml: Add missing unimplemented functions from POSIX-1.2013

[newlib-cygwin] posix.xml: Note duplocale, freelocale, newlocale, uselocale as implemented

[newlib-cygwin] Put previous doc in correct section

[newlib-cygwin] Rearrange struct __locale_t pointers into an array

[newlib-cygwin] Redefine locale info in struct _reent for per-thread locales

[newlib-cygwin] Reference __global_locale only via __get_global_locale.

[newlib-cygwin] Reinstantiate Cygwin function called `__getreent'

[newlib-cygwin] Remove redundant macro and function called `__getreent'

[newlib-cygwin] Remove unused import/rexec.c accidentally imported by commit b6e90a06

[newlib-cygwin] Rename __get_locale_XXX to __get_XXX_locale to use unified naming scheme

[newlib-cygwin] Rephrase release message

[newlib-cygwin] Revert "Fix __getreent function for Cygwin"

[newlib-cygwin] Send thread names to debugger

[newlib-cygwin] Simplify "Windows-standard-like" permissions

[newlib-cygwin] sqrt: Fix NaN propagation for IEEE Std 754-2008

[newlib-cygwin] strace: Don't print exception info for SetThreadName exception

[newlib-cygwin] strace: Make sure strace timer isn't copied to child process

[newlib-cygwin] Transform all special chars in relative Windows path string

[newlib-cygwin] truncl: Fix setting rounding bits in FPU control word

[newlib-cygwin] Use <example> tag at same level as <para>, not inside it

[newlib-cygwin] Use <filename> tag, not <pathname> tag

[newlib-cygwin] Workaround AzureAD shortcomings

[newlib-cygwin] Workaround for filesystems with broken FileAllInformation info class (NcFsd)

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