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[newlib-cygwin] Add COMODO Internet Security and ConEmu to BLODA

[newlib-cygwin] Avoid decimal point localization in /proc/loadavg

[newlib-cygwin] Bump Cygwin to 2.8.1

[newlib-cygwin] Compatibility improvements to reparse point handling.

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag cygwin-2_8_0-release

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag newlib-snapshot-20170421

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag newlib-snapshot-20170519

[newlib-cygwin] Created tag newlib-snapshot-20170623

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin CONTRIBUTORS: Add Brian Inglis

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin CONTRIBUTORS: Add Daniel Santos

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin doc: Add postinstall/preremove scripts to install Start Menu entries

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin doc: install-html: Fix docbook.css and index.html symlink installation

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin doc: install-html: install docbook.css

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin doc: install-html: link index.html instead of copying

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin TEST: Add nagging debug output to pinfo

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin wcsxfrm: byte swap result ourselves

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: add 2.8.1 release file

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: doc: Fix doc install path in postinstall script

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: document env var crash fix

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: document lrint bugfix

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: document wcsxfrm fix

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: document XSI sigpause

[newlib-cygwin] Cygwin: Export reallocarray

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: export strverscmp, add versionsort

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: Fix crash if env var name starts with non-ASCII char

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: Fix lrint{f, l} to return a 64 bit long on x86_64

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: pinfo: do not wait for setting ppid on a transitional procinfo

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: readdir: Activate check for remote reparse points

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: readdir: don't lookup mount target inodes

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: regtool: encode error messages correctly

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: remov unused winpids constructor

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: try unprivileged symlink creation on W10 1703 and later

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: wincap: fix evaluation of build number

[newlib-cygwin] cygwin: wincap: handle W10 1703

[newlib-cygwin] Ensure that send() interrupted by a signal returns sucessfully

[newlib-cygwin] Export XSI sigpause

[newlib-cygwin] Feature test macros overhaul: Cygwin signal.h

[newlib-cygwin] Fix stat.st_blocks for files compressed with CompactOS method

[newlib-cygwin] Fix transposed lines in 2.8.1 release text

[newlib-cygwin] Make ldd stop after any non-continuable exception

[newlib-cygwin] Remove "function" to avoid dash objecting to bash-ism.

[newlib-cygwin] newlib: remove __infinity{f,ld} constants

[newlib-cygwin] Note regtool fix in release message

[newlib-cygwin] readdir() with mount point dentry, return mount point INO

[newlib-cygwin] Revert "cygserver: Revamp thread sleep handling"

[newlib-cygwin] strace: Fix "over-optimization" flaw in strace.

[newlib-cygwin] Update 2.8.1 release text

[newlib-cygwin] Update and sort list of cygwin setup command line options.

[newlib-cygwin] Update COPYING.NEWLIB appropriately.

[newlib-cygwin] Update documentation of cygwin setup proxy configuration details

[newlib-cygwin] Update URLs for Cygwin packaging information

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