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Re: Cygwin slow on x64 systems - another slowdown

On Wed, Oct 06, 2010 at 02:43:04PM +0200, Sagi Ben-Akiva wrote:
>Since my last email I kept investigating the slowdown issue on x64 systems and 
>found another slowdown.
>I used the same test which prints the number of seconds since epoch and then 
>counts the amount of lines that were printed in a second.
>Here are some of the results for my test machine which is installed with Windows 
>XP x64 :
>  Win Ver                | CPU Mhz | DLL Ver  | timestamp  | Result |
>  CYGWIN_NT-5.2-WOW64    |    1808 | 1.5.21-2 | 1161592805 |      5 |
>  CYGWIN_NT-5.2-WOW64    |    1808 | 1.5.21-2 | 1161332425 |     12 |
>  CYGWIN_NT-5.2-WOW64    |    1808 | 1.5.19-4 | 1142338816 |     12 |
>  CYGWIN_NT-5.2-WOW64    |    1808 | 1.5.19-4 | 1142005204 |     31 |
>I went over the changes between the 2 different revisions for cygwin 1.5.21-2 
>and it seems that one of the changes that were submitted on
>'2006/10/22 14:57:43' is the cause for the slowdown.
>I still don't know which one but I will keep investigating.

Sorry but this is the cygwin-developers list.  You're expected to do
more than just point and wonder here.  You're expected to be current
with the Cygwin in CVS and up on what is changing there.  And, you're
expected to offer some insight.

If you want to just post numbers without offering "development" insight
then please use the cygwin list.


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