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The beers are on me!

... I'm celebrating!

  After a bit over a year of patient cajoling, wheedling, begging, moaning,
threatening, demanding, bribery corruption misuse of influence and sheer
abuse of power[*] I've finally secured my employer disclaimers for cygwin
and gnu!  I'm very glad to say that I will no longer have to limit myself to
patches that can squeak in under the trivial-less-than-ten-lines rule!

  So to celebrate having regained my intellectual freedom, I'm going down
the pub tonight and the beers are on me!  I'll get drinks for anyone who can
make it to Cambridge by last orders tonight[**].


[*] - delete as appropriate
[**] - This offer void in Massachusetts[***].
[***] - "Ok, white man, you may have stolen all our lands, despoiled the
ancestral tombs, poisoned all the rivers and killed all the buffalo, but at
least we're going to make damn sure you suffer every time you try and spell
one of our place names[****]!" 
[****] - And that's why white man doesn't speak with forked tongue, just
badly-sprained one.  Ouch.
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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