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Re: offtopic helmet polishing (was Re: rm fails to remove symboliclinks to directories)

Dave Korn wrote:

----Original Message----

 In science, we have this wonderful concept, called "evidence".
Observation generates evidence; faith does not.  In fact, faith is an
invitation to self-delusion, since it consists mainly in the false inference
that the apparent strength and clarity of a perception or belief is an
indication of the accuracy of its relation to reality, which is a total


Science is so limited. It can not go beyond material evidence. It cannot go beyond the sub-atomic elements. That is because science's realm is that of matter. Beyond matter, it does not have the tools nor the methods to arrive at conclusions which touch on the most fundamental question: the question of being and that of the transcendental realities.

Can science prove beauty, for instance?

To say that faith is an invitation to delusion is absurd. I will bet that 99% of what you believe is from faith. Do you have evidence that you are the son of your mother? Did you see yourself being born from your mother?
You believed you indeed are your mother's son because of the credibility of those around you. They treated you as family. Thus you believed. You did not need proof and evidence. That accession to reality is called faith.

What about this mailing list? The fact that you have posted here means that you acceded to faith in believing that this mailing list is really from cygwin. What if I just made all this up and that the entire cygwin is a hoax?

Faith, simply means, the accession to something because of the authority of the one saying so. When cgf releases a new cygwin, you believe that it is indeed newer *because of the authority of cgf*. Thus, I have faith in cgf when he says that he released a new cygwin. I do not need evidence. Do you? He may commit a mistake in forgetting to upload the new cygwin but that's beside the point. I believe first, then I go to the site and download the new cygwin. Not the other way around.

Best Regards,


Carlo Florendo
Astra Philippines Inc.

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