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Re: Counter-ITP of doxygen (was: Re: Please upload: doxygen-1.4.2_20050410-1(n'th take))

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 12:26:20PM -0500, Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:

FWIW, I fully support your stance that your unilaterally-imposed
"disqualification" was unwarranted. At the same time, it's not
difficult to understand Hans' consternation and reaction to the
situation. Doxygen is a very useful package, and it would be sad for
the "Cygwin immune system" to reject its inclusion on the basis that
somebody did too much work.

I think this subject is closed:

It's now time to move on to the actual work of getting the new version
of doxygen into the cygwin release.


I'd like to ask whether someone has ever maintained a package that he did not personally use. If so, how do you respond to "usage" questions?

And, if a maintainer takes a 3 week vacation, can he request someone to take over for the time being?

Lastly, what if the maintainer does not have the technical skill to debug the package being maintained (but just has the capability to package new releases?)

In any case, I wanted not to say the following but I can't help it....the tone of the recent cygwin and cygwin-apps posts have beaten the Korean soap operas that are being shown on TV at our cafeteria during lunch. :)


Best Regards,


Carlo Florendo
Astra Philippines Inc.

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