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Re: Counter-ITP of doxygen

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On May 4 17:27, Carlo Florendo wrote:

Christopher Faylor wrote:

It's now time to move on to the actual work of getting the new version
of doxygen into the cygwin release.

I'd like to ask whether someone has ever maintained a package that he did not personally use. If so, how do you respond to "usage" questions?

Another mailing list dedicated to the package.

And, if a maintainer takes a 3 week vacation, can he request someone to take over for the time being?

There's always "silence" who can take over for this time...

Lastly, what if the maintainer does not have the technical skill to debug the package being maintained (but just has the capability to package new releases?)

Yes, that is a problem. IMHO a maintainer should at least be able to port the package by him- or herself to Cygwin and not rely on foreign work. Some knowledge how to use the package would be fine, too, but sometimes people just use a small part of the features of a package and don't know others. Nothing wrong with that, as long as the maintainer knows about the Cygwin specific glitches. Every general package use is typically not to be discussed on the Cygwin list anyway.

As for debugging... if somebody ports a package, basic debugging skills
are either available or will build up the hard way.


Thank you Corinna. Let me practice cygwin-packaging some apps for myself....

Best Regards,


Carlo Florendo
Astra Philippines Inc.

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