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Re: Fixing strace and cygcheck so that they work with mount -X

On Fri, 13 May 2005, Michael Schaap wrote:

> On 12-May-2005 23:15, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> >On Thu, 12 May 2005, Michael Schaap wrote:
> >
> >>PS: This is all *way* off-topic for this list.  To make up for it, I
> >>propose to add a --hippo flag to cygstart.  Anyone have a suggestion for
> >>what it should do?
> >
> >Why, set the Cygwin desktop icon to "the hippo", of course...
> Hmm... tricky...

Not if readshortcut/mkshortcut are available. ;-)

> >Unless you'd rather finish Brian's dancing hippo (i.e., insert the
> >Cygwin logo in all frames), then cygcheck could pop up a browser with
> >that animation instead.
> >	Igor
> Well, I'm a bit artistically challenged, so I'll leave that to someone
> else, but the latter part is easy - I attached a patch to do just that.
> Hippopotamical regards,
>  - Michael

Three small comments on the patch:

+/* Hippo URL */
+#define HIPPO_URL "";;

The .jpg file won't have the animation -- I'd make that a .gif, and
hope that either Brian completes the graphic endeavour, or, in case
someone else does, Brian will post the result on his web site.  However,
as a temp measure this would do, and you could always release a new
cygstart if an animated GIF is announced.

+        { "hippo", '\0', POPT_ARG_NONE, NULL, 'i', \
Why '-i'?  Wouldn't '-H' (big-h) be more appropriate?

+          "Show the Cygwin Hippo!", NULL},

Shouldn't this be "Show me the Hippo!"? :-)
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