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Re: startxwin doesn't pop up a terminal

I've been using cygwin and cygwin/x or at least an xterm by running the startxwin.bat provided by the default cygwin setup.exe. (on windows xp)

Then I'm not sure what happened, I think I just
reinstalled some packages with setup, in any event,
when I now run startxwin.bat or if I try
or startx or XWin.exe, I don't get a terminal or
window pop up anymore. In th eprocess list there is an
XWin and an xterm (for startxwin), and there is an X
icon in the lower righ corner, but no window to type
into. I can only get the cygwin bash shell, which does
not provide graphics/x.

Everything is fine. Trust me. Running that batch file will start X windows. X windows will be running in rootless mode which means you should not see a background X window. It will use Microsoft window's own WM rather than an X WM.

It does not show a console by design. it lets you use xstartwin in the windows startup folder. (assuming you added cygwin's path to your windows path).

If you see xterm, then xwindows is running just fine. you can either use that to run x application or use a standard bash shell. if you use a standard bash shell you will need to use 'export DISPLAY='. This behavior has been the cygwin X standard behavior for quite a long time, so I'm a bit surprised by your message.

Anyway I hope this helped.

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