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Re: Serious performance problems (malloc related?)

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:

Carlo Florendo wrote:

Why are you so obsessed with cgf's behaviour? ;)

-- Carlo Florendo Astra Philippines Inc.

As I've stated before, I take Chris to task over this particular aspect of his behavior because I believe it to be detrimental to the Cygwin project.

Why are you so obsessed with my obsession with cgf's behavior? ;-)

For fun. Plain, simple, internet fun. Don't you realize that those subscribed to cygwin-talk are probably having fun reading all these mailing list entertainment. I can't wait for the next posts of all those cygwin gurus and all those who'd want to react.

If we keep this discussion long enough, this will probably be the longest thread of messages of off-topic messages on an off-topic mailing list. (i.e. off-topic cygwin postings is on-topic on cygwin-talk, the off-topic cygwin list.)

Then, this thread will be in the guiness book of records. And you'll be famous. That would be great, wouldn't it?

Carlo Florendo
Astra Philippines Inc.

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