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OoC Ironic assessment (was Serious performance problems (malloc related?))

OoC! OoC!!! (Out of Context) and poppycock! I didn't speculate on the
problem, I speculated what made Window's 'File-Open's so slow. This is a known problem. It wasn't speculation about what cygwin was
doing. ;-/

Unless, you are asserting that I haven't instrumented WinXP
to find it's performance bottlenecks, but that would hardly be
necessary to comment on performance issues concerning POSIX emulation
vs. native performance.

Wind me up, you are trying, me thinks. *Plblblb*


Dave Korn wrote:

----Original Message----

From: Linda W
Sent: 02 June 2005 10:26

Christopher Faylor wrote:

Yep.  This is pretty much what I expected.  Now we'll see a stream of
people commenting on slowness and speculating on the cause without
spending any time to actually figure out what the cause might be.

Think of what a hero you'll be if you figure out a way to improve
cygwin's "slowness".

One area that I've noticed ... [ !...SNIP...! comment on slowness ] ...

... I suspect [ !...SNIP...! speculation on cause without time spent
figuring out what the cause might be ] ...

... But if the cygwin.dll could [ !...SNIP...! heroic attempt to figure
out a way to improve cygwin's "slowness" ] ...

 Wow!  Who ever said Americans don't get irony?  That was perfect!  And
TOFU too!


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