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RE: paste & join

----Original Message----
>From: zzapper
>Sent: 09 June 2005 11:18

> Hi,
> I've used paste for years and it's super useful.

  Well, I've got to agree with you there.  It's that whole Unix command line
philosophy of having loads and loads of tiny little tools, simple components
that perform simple tasks, and a flexible environment where you can connect
them up using pipes and backticks and whatever else, with the idea of
quickly building more complex tasks out of reusable parts.  You could almost
have a shell-scripting RAD/gui and let people drag'n'drop boxes labelled
things like "grep" and "cat" and "sed" and link them up using lines to
represent pipes and fifos and stuff.....    |  |   |
                         |    |
>                       |  W |
> Basically it "vertically pastes" two text files together
>                        !|E  | 
> Can't get my head around join tho, when|and where would you use this?
                        .|E| |           
                        ! .E  |  
  I would use it perhaps to ...... WAIT!  WHAT'S THAT?  OH NO!  DUCK!
                         |E  |
                        | E |                        
                         | E|
                        | E |                        
                    F    ||E | e
                 o   \   /  ~  \ Z  e        
>                 \   @$/BOOMSPLAT#      
> ### this is a Hi  (. < SQUELCH!! > one ###
                     /%\ \_=/~\~/ \ {            
                  p/ |  ` &'*  | /  r 

  No, wait a minute, it looks like I was wrong ...  That was way too big to
be a duck!

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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