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Re: [ITP] Apache 2.0 (revised)

Dave Korn wrote:

----Original Message----

From: Corinna Vinschen
Sent: 22 June 2005 14:29

On Jun 22 06:06, Brian Dessent wrote:

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

So we just need to make sure that apache2 is in some distro. Does
anybody know?

I rather doubt it. I mean, who would trust some cobbled-together
software that's literally called "a patchy server"? Sounds pretty
amateur to me, I doubt it'll catch on. Plus, what's up with this whole
'web' thing anyway? Seems like a fad, I mean who really needs a bunch
of flashy graphics on their home page? I'll stick with my gopher
client, that's where the future is.

Hmm? Wazzup? Usenet rulez.


 Meow meow Henrietta Pussycat meow meow meow The Presidents of the
United States of America meow meow Grubor Cygwin hippo meow?


I've not watched that show since I was 10. And the only reason I watched it was Trolly and Mister Feely.
Loved the backyard stuff. the house, and the nieghborhood.
Too bad Mister Rogers ( a preacher/paster at his local church) died. The show was one of the first ones on PBS. So was Sesame Street, Electric Company (taught English to older students. I never would have passed High School and Junior High without it.

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