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RE: CYGWIN, changing default port

----Original Message----
>From: Jim Hobbs
>Sent: 23 June 2005 12:10

> Hi there
> Our sysadmin will not allow port 22 to be opened on our firewall.  

  The normal solution to this problem would be to drop a hippo on him.

> He has
> suggested we use one of the VNC ports already open for the SSH projects.

  <boggle>  Let me see if I've got this right: your sysadmin won't allow you
to bring SSH in through the firewall, but VNC is just fine?

  I think you'd better drop two hippos on him.

  He clearly needs to have some sense knocked into him.

> To this end I have chosen to use 5800 as we just use 5900 for the VNC
> programs. 
> I have installed CYGWIN on a WinXP machine and it's working on port 22. 
> How can I change this to work with port 5800? Listening that is.

  Drop a hippo on it.[*]

> Thanks for any help :)

  No problem!

  BTW, why are you asking for technical advice on sshd on the hippo list?


[*]  Or read the sshd usage instructions which make it perfectly clear.
Just because it's a daemon doesn't mean you can't still run it from the
command line and pass "--help".
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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