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RE: [spam] Re: Windows rights

----Original Message----
>From: Corinna Vinschen
>Sent: 23 June 2005 18:54


> And what exactly is the difference between an account root and the user
> with uid 0?  That's an artificial distinction which doesn't make sense,
> especially since the primary group has no strong meaning in Windows.
> So what does LocalSystem represent *exactly* in your opinion?  Is it a
> specific access token?
> Sounds like TITTTL to me...

  LocalSystem is an account.  An account is an object in the AD.  There is
an access token associated with that account.  An access token is a
container in the LSA.  Within that container there are two SIDs.  A SID is
another kind of object.  When you pass the correct login details to the LSA,
that correspond to those recorded in the account object, it creates the
access token container and places two SID objects in it.  One of those SID
objects is SYSTEM.

  So LocalSystem is an AD record that contains the details of which SIDs
should be placed in the access token, and SYSTEM is one of those SIDs.
LocalSystem and SYSTEM are objects of different classes that exist within
different kinds of containers in different subsystems of the OS, and to say
that "LocalSystem is the same thing as SYSTEM" is as incorrect as saying
that "LocalSystem is the same thing as Administrators", which I hope is at
least more obviously incorrect....

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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