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Re: [spam] Re: Windows rights

On Jun 24 16:03, Dave Korn wrote:
>   LocalSystem is an account.  An account is an object in the AD.  There is
> an access token associated with that account.  An access token is a
> container in the LSA.  Within that container there are two SIDs.  A SID is
> another kind of object.  When you pass the correct login details to the LSA,
> that correspond to those recorded in the account object, it creates the
> access token container and places two SID objects in it.  One of those SID
> objects is SYSTEM.

- LocalSystem has nothing to do with AD.

- What are the two SIDs you're talking about?  Did you see an access token
  from the inside?  There are lots of SIDs in it, the user, the owner, the
  primary group, the group list and, in a restricted token, the list of
  restricted SIDs.

>   So LocalSystem is an AD record that contains the details of which SIDs

- LocalSystem does not exist in AD since it's a *local* account, not a
  domain account.

> should be placed in the access token, and SYSTEM is one of those SIDs.

How does that differ from any other user account?  A user has a SID
(or uid) and when creating a default logon session then the SAM or AD
or /etc/passwd + /etc/group determine how the access token (user/group
list) look like.

We're still talking artificial here.


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