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Re: copying and pasting in the terminal window?

TITTTL'd, as this is becoming a "my terminal emulator is bigger than your terminal emulator" contest.

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
mwoehlke wrote:
Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
mwoehlke wrote:
Cygwin also has an rxvt terminal emulator that may be more to your liking, but I haven't used it and so can't tell you what it's like.
It's awesome, if you're still using the DOS box change over immediately. Believe me now and thank me later.


Maybe for you...

[it] is a PITA to configure,

Mm, no, in the Unixoid scheme of things it's probably one of the easier programs to configure. The main trick is (or at least used to be) getting your delete, home, end, etc keys working right, and I can send you my magical .initrc to take care of that post-haste.

What can I say, I like menus. 'Settings->Configure Konsole'. See how easy that was? Console is just as easy. rxvt needs command line switches, or something. I shouldn't have to read a manpage for this stuff, as a *good* terminal emulator (like {C|K}onsole) will demonstrate.

has an ugly font,

??? You can pick whatever font you want, even the cmd one if you want.

Maybe if I go through that PITA configure process... but who has time for manpages for something that should be 'View->Font'? I didn't check if Console has documentation, but I've never needed it, just like with Konsole. That, and on my other computer (that has Konsole), Cygwin X has no fonts that *aren't* ugly.

And I see exactly zero ways in which it is an improvement over Console.

Copy/paste, scrollback buffer, and "Unix-like, X or no X" are three that immediately come to mind.

Hello? Even the CUI subsystem has scroll-back... And Console has the added advantage of NON-Cygwin sessions, which is very useful to me. :-)

Have you tried the copy/paste in Console? It works just like it does in Konsole or (AFAICT) rxvt.

Console is awesome, if you're still using rxvt change over immediately.

Nope, if you look back you'll turn into a pillar of salt!

Oh, my, I'm sure you're right. Better not touch rxvt again. :-)

Believe me now and thank me later. :-)

I shall do neither! ;-)

If you *must* have an X-based terminal emulator for some reason (or even just something that isn't using the CUI subsystem under the covers), I would strongly recommend Konsole as VASTLY superior to xterm/rxvt. You can get an old version... um, somewhere, or wait and see if KDE4 makes good on native Windows support (which I guess would no longer be X-based, but would also not need an X server).

Well you can rest assured I shall give it a try should they come out with a native port.

And it will have all the features of Console AND rxvt in one, and you'll love it. :-)

Now in the meantime, get rxvt installed before it's too
late!!!  To get you started, here's the command line of the shortcut I've
used for countless years of cmd-free Cygwinning:

C:\unix\bin\rxvt.exe -tn rxvt-cygwin-native -sr -sl 1000 -fn "Lucida
Console-bold-14" -e bash --login -i

Nice DOS path there... "bash: C:unixbinrxvt.exe: command not found" ;-)

See what I mean about configuration? With Console, it took me all of ten seconds to figure out how to change the font, and I didn't have to read anything but menus.

Oh, and...
"rxvt: can't open display"

And no tabs, and no menu, and no status bar, and I can't read anything against the white background and now I'm going to have to read the manpage, and...

Ok. So, after reading the manpage for half an hour, I wrote this script that gets me *closer* to what Console does (no manpage required)...


colors() {
cat << EOF
--color0 #000000
--color1 #C00000
--color2 #00C000
--color3 #C08000
--color4 #0000C0
--color5 #C000C0
--color6 #00C0C0
--color7 #C0C0C0
--color8 #606060
--color9 #FF6060
--color10 #60FF60
--color11 #FFFF60
--color12 #6060FF
--color13 #FF60FF
--color14 #60FFFF
--color15 #FFFFFF

rxvt -tn rxvt-cygwin-native -sr -sl 1000 -fn "$font" -fb "$font" -fg 7 -bg 0 -cr '#C0C0C0' -pr 7 `colors` -e bash --login -i

...and I still don't know how to specify width and height. rxvt is simply much more lacking in features; end of story.

'$ time make world' -> real 5d:14h:37m:5.291s user 0m:0.000s sys 4d:2h:14m:43.712s

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