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Re: copying and pasting in the terminal window?

Igor Peshansky wondered if Console is right for him?:
On Mon, 28 Aug 2006, Cary Jamison also discovered that Console rocks!:
mwoehlke extolled the greatness of Console, by Marko (*not* the CUI):
I've just started playing with this, also...I like it!  I like tabs,
too. And I like that my regular windows programs work as well, which is
something that rxvt doesn't give me.

Ah, but does it understand all the ANSI sequences? And do Ctrl-Space and Ctrl-C work properly in it?

Which ANSI sequences? In general, it does everything the CUI subsystem does (because it is using a CUI under the hood). Ctrl-C WFM if you mean sending SIGINT (and it seems to understand 'stty intr <blah>', after which <blah> sends SIGINT and ctrl-C dings at me). Ctrl-space however seems to be the same as regular space.

Since I'm not an emacs person (I think that's what we're talking about?), I'm not missing anything here...

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