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Re: igncr vs text mode mounts, performance vs compatibility

Eric Blake wrote:
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According to Gary R. Van Sickle on 10/26/2006 6:31 PM:
 My question was, to paraphrase, "Why would anybody want
the old, broken behavior?"

Because it is identical to the behavior you would get for the same script on Linux. Cygwin emulates Linux, and until Linux ignores \r on binary files, you should not expect cygwin to go out of its way to do so either.

BTW, I would like to add my voice to the silent majority who is very very happy to have Linux compatibility maintained. I use bash scripts on both Linux & Cygwin and have in the past run into line ending problems. It's as mysterious on Linux as it has proven to be on Cygwin. Having them both behave identically is the correct path, IMHO. And while I consider your efforts to ease the pain on the Windows side, I also appreciate how you are sticking to your guns on this matter.

Jonathan Arnold             

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