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Re: Microsoft acquired SysInternals?

Dave Korn wrote:
On 08 November 2006 14:12, Igor Peshansky wrote:

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later...

The acquisition was some time ago as it happens; it was fairly widely discussed at the time.

Yup, and I was just waiting for the hammer to fall.

The surprising thing is
that they only started redirecting to the Microsoft site yesterday (the
day before I showed one of my colleagues how to download Process Explorer,
and it was still the old site).

And guess what! The scumbags have withdrawn all of sysinternals' source codes, using the bogus 'explanation' that it might cause "integration problems [...] with other Windows components". MS is acting like the worst cliched stereotype of itself. <spit>

And that was it exactly. What an incredibly bogus explanation! And to do it so "breathlessly" to make it sound like it even made sense:

"Source Code: The number of source code downloads didn't justify
the migration, support, and possible integration problems it might
cause with other Windows components down the road."

Ack. Gag me with a spoon already. "Justify" indeed.

Jonathan Arnold             

When cryptography is outlawed, bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl.

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