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RE: Microsoft acquired SysInternals?

On 12 November 2006 05:53, Robert Pendell wrote:

> Since the older software is still under the older license do you guys
> think it would be safe for me to re-distribute the software on my own site?

  No.  Neither license permits redistribution.

> On a, sort of, unreleated note here.  Did anyone notice that NTFSDOS
> disappeared?  I still have an older copy of it.  The read only version
> but that has always worked out fine.  Can't find it on the "new"
> sysinternals site.

  I didn't notice that, but I did spot something about how they weren't going
to support the entire tool range.  I see TDIMon is missing as well.  Ah,
here's the rationale for not migrating NTFSDOS:

Downloads: We will be migrating most Sysinternals tools to Microsoft.Com
Downloads which has additional bandwidth for a better end-user experience. At
Mark?s direction, we are not going to be migrating 100% of the tools for one
of the following reasons:

1.     It only worked on Win9x or DOS ? the number of downloads didn?t justify
the migration. These were eventually going to be removed from Sysinternals

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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