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Re: Read Threads Disappear!

On Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 04:18:20PM +0000, zzapper wrote:
>I'm using Xnews as news reader
>If I read all the items in a thread, next time I go in, the thread has 
>I just can't see where the option is to enable/disable this!
>Any ideas, I 've seen this in other News Readers

thread is there but obscured by hippos...

hippo sat on thread, squashing it...

enraged hippo scared thread into hiding...

hippo in tutu embarrassed caused thread to duck under desk...

thread evolved into higher entity - it's still there you just need to
be telepathic to see it...*

hyperthreaded/dual-core machine caused thread malfunction...

never forget that it is threads which are responsible for the success of
Xnews.  It seems to me that you shouldn't have to have reading skills to
understand the concept of threads and although I've never seen Xnews, I
have a great idea about how to make it better - it should have graphical
hippo icons.


*still vaguely related to hippos owing to the original thread which
introduced them.

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