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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: findutils-4.3.2-2

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According to Eric Blake on 12/6/2006 8:44 AM:
> Rodrigo Medina <rodmedina <at>> writes:
>> There is the following extrange behavior when a new rxvt window is opened.
>> -----------
>> /bin/find: could not change to directory profile.d: No such file or
>> directory
> Ugh.  I neglected to test find -L.  -3 coming up soon...

Serves me right for not running 'cygport findutils-4.3.2-2 check', since I
had already checked that my patch fixed 'find -P /absolute', and since I
already _knew_ it would fail (thanks to my administrator rights tickling
testsuite bugs on the -readable predicate).  Had I run the testsuite, I
probably would have found out about my brokenness in 'find -L' and 'find
- -P relative'.

And to put more egg on my face, check out what I wrote as I submitted my
- -2 version hack upstream:,
especially the "Hack - use at your own risk".

Feel free to send a hippo after me today - I certainly deserve it.

- --
Life is short - so eat dessert first!

Eric Blake   
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