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Re: CR/LF problems after upgrade

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jan 17 16:57, Cary Jamison wrote:
Christopher Faylor wrote:

characters and used a new card when I needed to move to the next
"line". No need for a backup either, since my programs were all on
convenient, flammable cards.
(stupid laptop drops keystrokes since I took it apart)

I was wondering how you fit much on a 7 character line!

Of course, the real, state-of-the art oses I used could emulate the older record based ones. But, once you moved to a time-share system with multiple terminals, who wanted fixed-length lines?

You saplings. In my first microcomputer course we only had 8-bit boards
with a hex keyboard and a 2 digit LED display. Every program which result
you can't display within 2 hex digits is a waste of electrons.
"When I started programming, we didn't have any of these sissy "icons" and "windows". All we had were and zeros and ones -- and sometimes we didn't even have ones."

"I wrote an entire database program using only zeros."

"You had zeros? We had to use the letter 'O'."

(From an old Dilbert cartoon*.)

– Michael

*: Don't click on , that would be a copyright violation. :-)

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