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Re: Now that's just plain ....

"Gary R. Van Sickle" <> wrote in message 004201c74a65$95becbd0$020aa8c0@DFW5RB41">news:004201c74a65$95becbd0$020aa8c0@DFW5RB41...
From: Dave Korn
  Is it only me, or does anyone else think that the NASA
astronaut who's just been arrested over an attempted

... bears a strong resemblance to Sideshow Bob in her mug shots?

It's the hair that does it!

Now that you mention it I do see a resemblance. All kidding aside, where do
I get some of them Space Diapers(tm)? A thousand mile drive without a "pit
stop"? That'd save me a lot of time every year.

I have read that it is highly unlikely that she actually had the offical NASA version.
They are very expensive, and NASA is unlikely to allow her to keep them at home.
See last paragraph of:

"The diapers they use today are a modified adult diaper, except you just
pull it up like a pair of shorts" (I.E. Similar to very large "training pants".

Now it is true that some people wear these things for reasons other than incontenence,
usually out of nessesity, but sometimes for reasons of convience.


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