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RE: Now that's just plain ....

> From:  Joe Smith
> Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2007 2:18 PM
> Subject: Re: Now that's just plain ....
> "Gary R. Van Sickle" <g.r.AHEM@AHEM.AMEM.DOT-AHEM> wrote

> in message 004201c74a65$95becbd0$020aa8c0@DFW5RB41">news:004201c74a65$95becbd0$020aa8c0@DFW5RB41...
> >> From: Dave Korn
> >>   Is it only me, or does anyone else think that the NASA astronaut 
> >> who's just been arrested over an attempted crime-of-passion...
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> ... bears a strong resemblance to Sideshow Bob in her mug shots?
> >>
> >>   It's the hair that does it!
> >>
> >
> > Now that you mention it I do see a resemblance.  All kidding aside, 
> > where do I get some of them Space Diapers(tm)?  A thousand 
> mile drive 
> > without a "pit stop"?  That'd save me a lot of time every year.
> >
> I have read that it is highly unlikely that she actually had 
> the offical NASA version.

It's also highly unlikely that an astronaut would flip out, drive a thousand
miles across country (wearing any sort of diaper), and try to murder an Air
Force captain, yet here we are.

> They are very expensive, and NASA is unlikely to allow her to 
> keep them at home.

NASA can't even keep their metric and English units straight; I seriously
doubt that a determined, crazy astronaut would have much difficulty lifting
a few Space Diapers(tm).

> See last paragraph of:
> "The diapers they use today are a modified adult diaper, 
> except you just pull it up like a pair of shorts" (I.E. 
> Similar to very large "training pants".

Right: Space Diapers(tm)!  Far more disturbing in that article is the TMI
explaining how we beat the Russians to the moon:

"When astronauts walked on the moon there was a kind of spandex trunk but
the fecal and urine collection devices fitted into the trunk . the spandex
tights just held them into place" 

"Devices."  Yikes on a bike.

> Now it is true that some people wear these things for reasons 
> other than incontenence, usually out of nessesity, but 
> sometimes for reasons of convience.

And sometimes for reasons of <british_accent>MURDER</british_accent>.

> See

That's all a load of ancient history jibber-jabber.  It's the 21st century,
and we now have Space Diaper(tm) technology.  They work in zero-G, in a
vacuum, upside-down, and even underwater.  NASA can't keep this breakthrough
to themselves forever, and when it finally does leak out, it's freedom baby

Gary R. Van Sickle

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