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Re: FW: Engineering Recruiting Team

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According to Dave Korn on 1/23/2007 3:18 AM:
>   Has anyone else been seeing this?
>   I just received spam from Google!  Really from Google!
> On 22 January 2007 22:58, Stephanie Buran wrote:
>> Hello Dave,
>> My name is Stephanie Buran and I am a Recruiter for the
>> <>  Engineering team. I found your contact information on
>> the Cygwin website. 

Bringing this up again, a month later.  I think the offer was genuine, as
I got a followup phone call today while I was at work, thanking me for my
reply correspondence and asking if I knew anyone else interested in the
job (don't worry, I didn't see any reason to recommend anyone from this
list; although I know you by name on the list, I don't really know you in
person enough to recommend you over the phone to a person I've never
spoken to before in my life).

But what struck me as odd is how the followup caller was able to find my
contact phone number, at my current place of employment no less;
especially since I have made it a point to never put my work phone number
on cygwin-related email (my employer graciously lets me hack on open
source on my own time, but not company time).  Maybe I should be worried
about Google's power to find stuff out?  Hopefully I'm not at risk of
becoming a victim of identity theft based on what else is out there about me?

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