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Re: give up on one losing battle?

On Mon, 5 Mar 2007, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Is it time to admit defeat and stop telling people not to quote raw
> email addresses over in the cygwin list?
> It was a good fight but I think we really lost the battle.  It just
> takes one person forgetting to seed a spammer and since the cygwin
> lists are among the few who ask people not to do this, it is easy
> for people to forget.

Yes, it's easy for people to forget, but that's why the acronym is not
"please do not quote raw email addresses in your replies", it's "please
CONFIGURE YOUR MAILER TO not quote raw email addresses in your replies".
Anyone who figures out how to do that will never forget again (since it's
not his job any longer).  So I don't think it's a losing battle (and I
definitely don't think we've lost it yet).

> Otherwise, the suggestion of coming up with a page which talks about
> how to configure clients not to do this is a good one, I think.  Anyone
> want to volunteer to create such a page?  I think I'd probably end up
> putting it at the hierarchy as part of some general
> information for the site.

Agreed.  FWIW, this suggestion has come up before.  I've said that if
someone did create such a page, I would put a link to it into the OLOCA

To those keeping track, so far we've had recipes for Pine, Outlook, and
Outlook Express.  Some other mail clients just don't support it (notably
webmail like Yahoo! and GMail, which will need a bit of lobbying to get
such a feature implemented).  Thunderbird does this automatically, IIRC.
Others that I recall being mentioned were GNUs and GMane gateway...

And no, I'm not volunteering to maintain such a page (although, as I've
stated before, I might contribute to it).
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