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Re: give up on one losing battle?

On Mon, Mar 05, 2007 at 12:41:12PM -0500, Igor Peshansky wrote:
>On Mon, 5 Mar 2007, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> Is it time to admit defeat and stop telling people not to quote raw
>> email addresses over in the cygwin list?
>> It was a good fight but I think we really lost the battle.  It just
>> takes one person forgetting to seed a spammer and since the cygwin
>> lists are among the few who ask people not to do this, it is easy
>> for people to forget.
>Yes, it's easy for people to forget, but that's why the acronym is not
>"please do not quote raw email addresses in your replies", it's "please
>CONFIGURE YOUR MAILER TO not quote raw email addresses in your replies".
>Anyone who figures out how to do that will never forget again (since it's
>not his job any longer).  So I don't think it's a losing battle (and I
>definitely don't think we've lost it yet).

Yes, but for someone who thinks that they only have one message to send,
it's easy to not look into modifying your email client just to
accommodate those stupid Cygwin idiots.

I guess I just don't see why the Cygwin list should be different from
most other lists out there.  We already have a high degree of clueless
email.  Why add to it by agonizing how to change email clients?

This is coming from the point of view of someone who arguably has to
deal with more spam than anyone else here, btw.  I just don't think
that our insistence is doing anyone any good currently.


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