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Re: Is there some type of general internet technical forum?


On 3/18/2007 12:21 PM, Igor Peshansky wrote:
The people on this list tend to be somewhat hippo critical (not to be
confused with the single-word variant).  If you don't mind that, you can
certainly try to post your questions.
> As for the general Internet forums, you can try the comp.* newsgroups.
> May the hippos be with you.

Thanks. I don't mind. Even if it is a hippo stampede.

I am temporarily living in a house in Taiwan. The house has a cable modem arrangement with The Internet service is OK, except for one or two web-sites, specifically any site.

The problem I am having is, 9 times out of 10, when I attempt to hit a page on, say the sports news page,, I am being returned a random, old page on that site. Right now, I am looking at the page which is marked as being 'Last Updated: Sunday, 4 March 2007, 12:32 GMT'. If I refresh, I get 'Last Updated: Friday, 5 January 2007, 23:43 GMT'. Sometimes it cycles through these pages, and every now and then, I get the latest page. This has never happened to me anywhere else in the world (I've traveled a bit).

Believing it is some sort of pass-through proxy, I've run curl at the web site a few times, with the -i, include http headers switch. And I notice that on these erroneous hits, cycle through with the following header included:

Via: 1.0 CF16-6285
Via: 1.0 CF15-6285
Via: 1.0 CF20-6286

Here is a sample of the full headers:

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Connection: close
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 17:32:56 GMT
Server: Apache
Vary: Cookie
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Cache-Control: max-age=0
Expires: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 17:32:56 GMT
Content-Type: text/html
Via: 1.0 CF20-6286

If I use certain web proxies, I can by-pass the problem. But this is no way to live on a direct Internet connection.

Does anyone know if I am right about being hindered by a pass-through web proxy? If so, how can I identify where this pass-through proxy lives? I have reason to suspect that this problem is not just a ISP problem. I recall having this problem on a free-dialup service,

And if I select some Taiwan based web proxies, the problem re-occurs. If I choose something like a Codeen web-proxy, I have no such problem.

I suspect that there has been some naive configuration by one of the major primary ISP's in Taiwan, of some pretty important gateways.


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