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RE: multiple cygwin installs

Warren Young wrote on Thursday, March 29, 2007 5:11 PM::

> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> Are companies really packaging products with their own VM?
> Not with their own VM, but rather as disk images formatted for the
> popular VM systems.  Want a LAMP server?  Go download one.  Firewall?
> Search engine?  Ditto, and ditto.
> The biggest archive of these "appliances" is probably this one, from
> VMware: 
> There's obviously a lot of stuff that's just lightly customized Linux
> distros, but there are also commercial software packages up there,
> too. 

But presumably the numpties who think they have to eliminate all
variables from their product's installation will eventually insist
on bundling their favoured VM.  And even then, there are questions
about hardware, network topology etc...

This raises far too many questions for my partially destroyed brain.

What would happen if say, make needed a VM, and cc needed its own VM?

Would cc end up with a virtual virtual machine?

How would a recursive build work?  Would we have VVVVVVVVMs?

Is there enough silicon in the universe to make all the RAM we'd need
to avoid infinite swapping?

How long before 1024bit Vista is available?

Why is my head hurting?

The time of the ICIC*(TM) is at hand.

* Infinite Cluster of Inexpensive Computers

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