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Re: Updated: cygwin-1.5.25-5

Mike Marchywka wrote:
I don't understand what you mean. Using> on the command line or
opening the file by using some option of the tool has both nothing to do
with console output. In both cases a file is opened. The only

I didn't give it a lot of additional thought, I just stopped using ">" ( when I have significant amounts of output ) a while ago
and assumed it had something to do with buffering- I have no idea
what is going on once I call "<<" and I never did a version by version test.
Similarly, I essentially stopped using std::string since for most of what I did it was easier to do a block read anyway. I'm simply pointing out that the details appear to matter and, as you
request, a test case would help but the gprof output could point to
some surprising suspects.

o.O Don't know why he can't provide a test case. You always want a reproducable test case that way you can see if the issue is resolved properly. The bug report is linked to applies to debian linux and not cygwin. There is a small difference between the two. Cygwin != Linux. Oh and that bug report is 3 years old.


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