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Re: Cygwin X query <Solaris> Login page reloads

Ok, let's try to rewrite it:


Hi Guys,

This are my first six posts so please bear with me in case this query is on the...

BharathX wrote:
Hi Guys,

This is my first post so please bear with me in case this query is on the
wrong thread list and pls redirect me to the right one if that's case.

I have been using cygwin for a while as my X Server to contact my Solaris
machines (Solaris 8 and Solaris 10).

I have my machine with dual OSs (Win XP & Win 2003). I can use cygwin (x
-query) and connect to my Solaris 8 machine(Sparc) whilst logged on to my
WinXP OS and its no problem.
But if I log onto my Win2K3 machine (which has the same IP as Win XP), I
cannot perform x -query to the same Solaris 8 machine. I mean, the Solaris
CDE login page appears,but after I put in my username/password, the login
page just reloads.

If I use the same OS, I can connect to my Solaris 10 machine without any
issues (went past the login page).

What could the problem be? Do you think it's to do with the IP address being the same for both OSs?

If you require what's in the XWin.0.log whilst this is happening, I will
post it here.

Thanks in advance guys.

- Bharath

-- Danilo Turina Alcatel-Lucent Software Developer OND Network Management Rieti (Italy) Phone: +39 0746 600332

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