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Re: Cygwin X query <Solaris> Login page reloads

Danilo Turina wrote:

>> This is my first post so please bear with me in case this query is on the
>> wrong thread list and pls redirect me to the right one if that's case.

  Well, this is the even wronger list, so let's see if we can help!

>> I have my machine with dual OSs (Win XP & Win 2003). I can use cygwin (x
>> -query) and connect to my Solaris 8 machine(Sparc) whilst logged on to my
>> WinXP OS and its no problem.
>> But if I log onto my Win2K3 machine (which has the same IP as Win XP), I
>> cannot perform x -query to the same Solaris 8 machine. I mean, the
>> Solaris
>> CDE login page appears,but after I put in my username/password, the login
>> page just reloads.
>> If I use the same OS, I can connect to my Solaris 10 machine without any
>> issues (went past the login page).
>> What could the problem be? Do you think it's to do with the IP address
>> being the same for both OSs?

  One word: MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1.

  Or is that three words and one number?


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