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Re: [OT] Re: Problem [1.7]: gzip missing in brand new install

Dave Korn wrote:
> Dave Korn wrote:
>> Dave Korn wrote:
>>> Dave Korn wrote:
>>>> Dave Korn wrote:
>>>>> Meow.
>>>> Meow.
>>> Meow.
>> Meow.
> Meow.
>   Ta-daaa indeed, but it occurs to me I can probably even remove the
> mail.file_attach_binary setting now that I've not got a bogus mime type being
> specified.  Let's see:

  Ok, that worked.  Here's the recipe, for Eric, and Fergus, and The Record:

#1.  Set mail.content_disposition_type to 1.  Necessary to get the correct
Content-Disposition: header, but not sufficient.

#2.  Get MIME types database under control.  I used an extension called
MimeEDIT(*), but it only works on series 2 Tbird.  OTOH the database is stored
in a plain-text xml format in a file called mimeTypes.rdf in your T'bird
profile directory, and it looks easy enough to manually edit.  Whichever
method you choose, BACK IT UP FIRST!(**)

  T'bird will select a mime Content-Type: header for your attachment based on
the fileExtension settings listed in here; in my case, the extension .out had
become associated with message/news somehow, and the archive displays
message/* attachments inline even if the content-disposition says not to.
Some sources recommend simply deleting mimeTypes.rdf wholesale, but I chose
just to tweak the content so that it now thinks .msg is the extension for
message/news.  YMMV (Your Mimetypes.rdf May Vary), but as long as it's not
choosing a bogus mime type based on your file extension, you'll get a default
of text/plain, which the archive won't expand inline.

(*)  -
(**) - Just because something goes without saying, doesn't mean folk will
actually do it when the time comes.  So I said it anyway.  Not that that
generally makes a lot of difference ... :-)

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