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Re: WTF proposed acronym

Mike Marchywka wrote:

>>> ----------------------------------------
>>>> Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 21:00:51 +0000
>>>> From: dave.korn.cygwin@
>> Kindly lose that shit, I get enough spam as it is!
> Is that anyway to describe your own name? LOL

  You think that's my name?  Either you can't tell the difference between a
name and an email address, or you must think my parents were incredibly

>>>> Lee D. Rothstein wrote:
>>>>> And, you gotta love any acronym of this sort that begins
>>>>> with MIT, ends with two TPs, has an MD in the middle,
>>>>> contains no obscentities and refers to man's best friend.
>>>> I am the great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole! I come from Lake
>>>> Obscentiticaca in Nicaragua!
>>> wtf is lake Obscentiticaca, I've seen beavis and butthead,
>> Cornholio often claims to come from Lake Titicaca.
>> Lee typo'd obscenities in a way that made it sound like "obscene titties".
>> I put the two together.
> without credit to the original sources?

  Attention span, much?  See that bit up at the top there?

>>>> Lee D. Rothstein wrote:

  We call this thing an "attribution line"(*).  And I figured Beavis and
Butthead were famous enough to count as part of our shared cultural milieu.

(*) - inb4 any kind of "attribution?  are you sure that's the same thing as
crediting an original source?" nonsense arises.

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