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Re: earlier gcc version installation

On May 21, 2015, at 8:39 AM, Jyh-Shyong Ho <> wrote:
> Dear Cygwin users,

This is the off-topic chat mailing list, not the user help list.  Please post such questions to the main Cygwin list next time, not here.

Mostly the rest of this message is going to send you to other sources, so if you feel the need to reply to this, send it to on one of those other places.  If you want, you can post a pointer to the new location for the discussion to this thread.

> I am not able to build the same program with the gcc/gfortran (4.9.2) in the latest version of Cgywin/CygwinX.

Then I suggest that you post the problem code and the error messages to an appropriate forum.

If the same version of GCC compiles this program on other platforms, and fails only on Cygwin, then that âappropriate forum" may be one of the Cygwin mailing lists.

If GCC 4.9.x wonât compile that software on *any* platform, then you need to take it up on a more general C/Fortran programming forum.

> I tried to install the older version of gcc/gfortran (4.6.x) on the current Cygwin/CugwinX so I can build my program again, but I have not been successful.

âIt failsâ is not a diagnosable condition.  How exactly did it fail?  What errors do you get?  Where did you get the older GCC packages?  How did you install them, given that you must not have done it through setup.exe?

We need details, and it would be nice to have a replicable test case, too.

Also, standard practice is to include the output of âcygcheck -rsvâ with problem reports, as an attachment to the mailing list post.

> I wonder if it is possible to build an older version of gcc on the current Cygwin environment?

Why not?

I suggest starting with the Cygwin package source, which should be available from the same source that provided the old Cygwin GCC binary packages.  (If not, that archive is not complying with the GPL.)

If you got these packages from the Cygwin Time Machine, then I believe you have everything you need.

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