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Updated: xorg-server-1.12.1-2

The following packages have been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

*** xorg-server-1.12.1-2
*** xorg-server-common-1.12.1-2
*** xorg-server-dmx-1.12.1-2
*** xorg-server-extra-1.12.1-2
*** xorg-server-devel-1.12.1-2

These packages contain XWin and the other X.Org X11 servers.

The following cygwin-specific changes have been made since 1.12.1-1:

* Fix an X server crash caused by running any OpenGL program (in the default,
WGL mode)
* Increase the timeout in the xorg-backtrace script for gdb to generate
backtrace information from 5 to 60 seconds

ca47eba223d8c5b44b57787fb38762aa *xorg-server-1.12.1-2.tar.bz2
8cdc421e0dab10e4df2f32bbf72aba9c *xorg-server-common-1.12.1-2.tar.bz2
7760010315604d9e7984b969ad31743d *xorg-server-devel-1.12.1-2.tar.bz2
c2d4178cc80a27e13887a1894f132931 *xorg-server-dmx-1.12.1-2.tar.bz2
781775ee3aec91d3cd763a4e547361f3 *xorg-server-extra-1.12.1-2.tar.bz2
974815d3437c885e5bc9ed9e62760401 *xorg-server-1.12.1-2-src.tar.bz2

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