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-clipboard fails, xwinclip works if delayed

-multiplemonitors and -multiwindow bug

Re: .bat from xterm opens cmd.exe window

Re: 4.2.0-26 multiwindow bug: closing apps causes repeated keystrokes

4.2.0-26 multiwindow bug: closing apps causes repeated keystrokes

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Server Test 79


[Patch] Multiwindow mode


RE: Alt-F4 in Xfree86 ?

another thing

Application Problem: InsightII

Can't get windowmaker to work

Re: compiling gv

compiling Motif (Lesstif) program

Control the cygwin terminal with escape sequences

CPU Usage 100% XWin <-> 'System'

DRI question

dummy rootless question...

emacs throws error about entry point SmcClientID of libSM.dll

Error building glib-2.2.1 from source 8-(

Error Messages

Eterm/imlib2 on Cygwin/XFree86, lt_dlopenext() fails.

Excessive bandwidht usage of cygwin-xfree

Font error running app using XDMCP/XWin.exe to Solaris 9 host

RE: For the FAQ: German Umlauts & bash in X11


How does AltGr Work ?

i dont want to use the xhost-command

InsightII application problems

Installing Mesa version 5

Is there an XFree86-bin source package?

Issue due to old CheckPoint VPN's "cygwin1.dll"

KDE is running extremely slow.

Re: laptop performace

Re: laptop performace : SYSTEMROOT

Re: laptop performace : SYSTEMROOT continued (#2/2)

Latest release observations

Re: launching win apps inside Xfreee86?

Re: Lesstif update II

making X server a COM object..

Multimonitor screen

New Donations Link - Alexander Gottwald

New Donations Link - Kensuke Matsuzaki

obtaining Cygwin on CD

PATH Problem and Solution


Private Email Message.

problem resizing xwindow veritcally

Problem with fresh install

Re: Problem with Windows ME and InfoExpress VSClient VPN Softrware

Problem with Xfree install on Win2k

Q: Alt-F4 in Xfree86 ?

Q: Cygwin/XFree86 always the first when cycling with Alt-Tab?

Q: name of task in task panel changeable?

Q: pressing of space necessary after "~"?

Real "mazafakaz" ;) doin' moms

Ref Win95 (98?) : Can't open display (FRQ) (Solution) & Speed problems

Re: Ref Win95 (98?) : Can't open display (FRQ) (Solution) & Speedproblems

Remote Session mouse problems

remote X to SUN box

Repainting problem (after the update of XFree86-xserv)

Run file

Running GIMP under Cygwin (not Win32!)??

script for remote window?

Script for use with linux font server and xsetroot

Re: Server Test 79

Son with Mother

SSH X forwarding not working

starting cygnome - problems with ORBit

success with icewm 1.2.6 on Win2k

RE: Swedish kb please help

tablet PC input to XFree86?

Test server 79 and JSpager

Re: Test server 79 and JSPager

A thought about stuck keys

Title changing is unimplemented in MultiWindow mode

two new -multiwindow bugs

Updated on sourceware: XFree86-lib-4.2.0-4

using cygpath for setting $HOME in multiuser and multicomputer environment

vnc-3.3.7 with cygwin


Where did X11R6

Re: Windows based app.server

X -query <hostname> does not work

RE: X 4.2.0-26 Bug, problems related to popup menus in applications

X-version of tcl/tk on cygwin

X11 Forwarding solution

XDM to linux box questions

XFree86 crashes: xvt_app_create / Cadence signalscan

Re: XFree86: Removing dummy root window on Rootless/Multiwindow mode

xhost +IP?

xmesa header file

XServer attaching itself to wrong interface on multi network interface machines. Version

XShm and remote displays, and XVideo

xterm shows no color for color fonts

xterm.exe not reading XTerm file in app-defaults

xtrs 4.9 hanging in cygwin-xfree


Re: XWin hangs when accessing font server

Re: XWin-Test78 lockup withXP screensaver

XWin.exe -query soaris9

XWin.exe version information

xwinclip dies with select failure

xwinclip not working with xdm

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