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Re: XWin design suggestion


Biju wrote:

Here are some suggestions, which you may incorporate into future design of XWin.
(These are NOT at all URGENT)

There may be many people (not me) who may like to do everything by GUI, rather than using command
line parameter to set things.
So I suggest a GUI form for setting and modifying XWin configuration, with provision for saving default setting.
(But command line parameter should always supersede default setting thru GUI)

Yes, I have already thought of that one... and actually started some work on it awhile ago. In fact, my near-term plans for XWin.exe are to add a couple registry settings to remember the position of the Exit confirmation dialog box. If that goes well, it will only be a matter of time until more settings are registry enabled.

There may be people who may be familiar with Exceed, Citrix, Terminal Server Client etc. They may
prefer to get same Keyboard shortcuts. So you can add command line option for that also.

List of Keyboard shortcuts for Terminal Server Client:- ALT+HOME
display the Start menu using the keyboard

This can still be done with the Windows key, since we are not capturing the Windows key. Sure, it might be useful to optionally enable ALT+HOME.

ALT+INSERT move the focus to the next item on the taskbar (equivalent of ALT+TAB once)

switch between programs in task bar from left to right (equivalent of ALT+TAB)

switch between programs in task bar from right to left (equivalent of ALT+SHIFT-TAB)

display a windows pop-up menu  (right click - context menu)

open the Windows NT Security dialog box (equivalent of CTRL+ALT+DEL)

CTRL+ALT+BREAK switch the display between a window and the full screen

Noted, but some of these don't make a whole lot of since because the two ends are not both MS Windows in our case. Think about it --- ALT+DELETE is just silly. How do we even know that the remote end suppots such a feature via X; furthermore, what key combo would it translate too?


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