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Re: XWin design suggestion

Hi again Harold.

Harold L Hunt II <> wrote in
in gmane.os.cygwin.xfree on Mon, 05 May 2003 10:56:25 -0400:

> I like this idea.  Are you sure this isn't the Windows standard?  I 
> would have to check the user interface guidelines, but I suspect that 
> the actual standard is more like yours than it is like my simple idea.

/Which/ Windows standard? Microsoft change their GUI guidelines every
eight months or so! ;-)

I think message boxes will pop-up centred on their parent hWnd (or the
desktop if hwndParent == NULL in the MessageBox call) but dialog boxes
have to be coded to do this. I don't know whether Microsoft ever
specified the behaviour in their waffle.

> Ah ha... some people get the impression that XWin.exe is a Cygwin app. 
> It isn't.  

Try running it without cygwin1.dll! ;-D

I do get your point though. It's not a straight port of a POSIX
application that uses /only/ the Cygwin API. It necessarily contains a
great deal of Windows-specific code.

Do we need a new term for things like XWin and rxvt? WinCyg
applications, perhaps?

> In any case, I still think that user preferences should be stored in the 
> registry.  


> Think about a check box that says "Don't ask this again" on 
> the Exit confirmation dialog box.

Erm ... yes? Why not read/write this from/to $HOME/.XWinrc or

> Thanks for your input.  I appreciate it.

Just kicking stuff around.

Sam Edge

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