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Re: Can't type in login window via XDMCP


I have been told on this list that it "shouldn't" (or was it "doesn't"?) make a difference, however, when logging into an RH8 box, I *had* to put the -query as the last element on the line. Try this to see if it makes any difference (you seem to be having somewhat different problems, thus I am not sure...)

c:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\xwin -from -query

The other thing I wonder about is fonts. I am ignorant on the subject, but is there a chance that not all the fonts needed are being loaded (on either end?)

Jay said the following on 11/17/2003 02:13 PM:
Hi folks,
First thanks to all who contribute.  Xfree on Cygwin has been great.
However, I was seeing 2Gb+ XWin.log files and felt I needed to update.  SO I
updated today and now I can't login via XDMCP.  Here's the command line I

c:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\xwin -query -from

The system I'm logging into is a RH ES2.1 server.  I've been using the same
setup for months now.

The problem is that I can't type in the login window.  Nothing appears.  The
only thing I can see getting thru is the Caps Lock, which I find very

Even if I start xwin and then twm and an xterm I can't type in the xterm.

I do see a message in /tmp/XWin.log:
(EE) Unable to locate/open config file
InitOutput - Error reading config file

Do I need a config file? I haven't used one before.

I found this message: and tested
and I can login.  So it looks like the problem is in the new WaitFor.c code.

Now I'm hung at a blank screen, though.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm hosed for the time being.

Jae Ellers					Tektronix, Inc.
Jae dot ellers at tek dot com		(503) 627-3622

-- Jay Smith


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Snow Camp, NC  27349  USA

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